Small businesses look for the database solutions which have the following key selling points:

1. Easy to install and setup

It is one of the most important things for small business which lacks IT and Analytics staff for deploying a difficult and time consuming solution. Midsize companies and enterprises select leaders (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others) because they can afford their solutions not only in the context of price, but also they have resources for implementing such databases in their environments.

2. Price matters

Buying a database for managing operations starting from $5000 USD for 20 users is a bit too much. Moreover, this price doesn't include the deployment that doubles the cost of small business database. So if you don't want to pay for the brand and get a bunch of features you will never use, you should not consider only database leaders on the market.

Business Database Solutions

All business information on human resources, financials, sales, products, clients etc. can be safely integrated into a single database, and then users can easily access this database to view, update and analyze the business data. Here are the benefits you can gain from deploying a database software in your company.

Manage Customer Relationships

CRM is one of the best ways to understand customers, increase sales and gain more profits. The more information you have about your leads and prospects, the easier it is for you to turn them into actual customers. In your small business database, you can store, create and sort profiles of your prospects and customers. The database will help you find necessary contacts and business information; for example, you can identify the top 50 customers that bring the largest portion of revenue for your company.

Reduce Overheads

Overhead expenses (time and labor) that usually occur when you process manual transactions can be reduced or even eliminated. By integrating all business operations and activities into your business database it is possible to make a significant cost saving for your company. Then your business becomes more streamlined and profitable. For example, you can create and manage all of your daily tasks and appointments in CentriQS database software application

CentriQS small business database

Conduct Product Analysis

By analyzing the products your firm sells you can find out why and when one or another product is sold, who are the buyers, who sold the product, etc. Product analysis helps examine and understand the reasons of product sales. By collecting and placing much information about your products and clients, it is possible to track the products by code, date, price, buyer, shipment costs, etc.

Manage Stock

Effective stock management lets you assess the inventories of your organization to make sure that your stock is sufficient to meet consumer demand. In your database all stock items can be expressed as purchase orders to manage sales. You can keep inventory levels appropriate to your firm's sales needs and see what items are nearly out of stock.

Custom Database for Small Business

Custom database design makes it possible for your company to create and configure a business database that fits your specific needs. Customization allows you to place business data in a unique repository that can be easily accessed and modified if needed.

CentriQS Configurator lets you customize your small business database according to your specific demands. You can use custom entities (Customer, Invoice, Issue, Order, Payroll, etc.) to model your business activities.

customize business database

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