Field service software has to be a cost-effective solution which meets small business needs both now and in future, because the challenges are the same for all businesses from small to big, but small business as opposed to large business has less IT assets and resources to improve management of field service tasks.

Small Business Challenges

How to grow your business and at the same time control the quality of services you provide? How to meet customer expectations which grow constantly? How to increase productivity? How to make sales and service work together? How to enable customer satisfaction to get service contract renewed? How to look like a big company when being small? All these challenges can be solved by field service software which streamlines optimization and automation processes with minimal implementation effort.

Manage Field Service Technicians

Jobs schedule shows jobs assigned for today, this week, this month or divided by tech. Optimize your schedule and adjust it quickly if any changes occur. Make sure the right tech is assigned to get the work done faster. Stop relying on a paper process and benefit from real-time visibility of all service data displayed on the screen.

Field Service Software Jobs Schedule

Field Service Customers

Let your sales and support teams share customer information to avoid sales people ignorance of service issues and vice versa. Each customer is lifeblood for small business so both teams need to do their best to enhance customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. Customer database stores every detail of client data from image or logo to history of all work orders.

Customer Data Software

Productivity gets increased when service operations are automated. Planning boards and spreadsheets cannot cope with increasing number of tradeoffs because they are too simple and inefficient. Small business should apply scheduling technology and workflow optimization tools, which are already used by big field service companies. Keep your field service staff proactive by using reminders and notifications.

Implementation of field service software lets small business ensure faster response times, eliminate manual procedures and paperwork, give easy access to work order details on assigned jobs, prevent service delays that result in penalties, enable field forces to work more effectively with getting, documenting and reporting assignments, in other words, provide unparalleled level of customer service and stay ahead of the competition.

Field Service Notifications

Field Service Management

Up-to-date field service software is a complex of features aimed at different aspects of IT inventory management. CentriQS features centralized view for scheduling and monitoring field service tasks and appointments, sharing customer information among your field service staff, sending reminders and notifications of upcoming jobs, and many other tools that increase productivity and reduce costs.

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