CentriQS comes complete with all of the key features you'd expect from enterprise-class small business management software. Powerful and flexible functionality lets you have a clear view of all aspects your organization need to manage for staying competitive: everyday tasks, customer relationships, financials, etc. CentriQS provides an unmatched level of depth and sophistication compared to other small business management tools available for that price.

Base Features

CentriQS is loaded with the base features small businesses need to automate and manage the most demanding business functions and operations. System features are used to increase and measure productivity, perform accurately and effectively. The wide range of options for your business data management will help you get the most out of CentriQS.

Learn more about Folders

Structure your data in a hierarchical way with help of folders and subfolders to ease its management

Learn more about Links

Add links to related data, files and web pages to access reference information in just one click

Learn more about Filters

Focus on relevant data by applying quick filters or setting conditions of any degree of complexity

Learn more about Layouts

Sort and group, hide and show, resize and replace columns to set required layouts of any view

Learn more about Presets

Save and load shared and personal presets of the most frequently used filters and layouts

Learn more about Search

Find any necessary data kept in your database by using full text search options and operators

Learn more about Templates

Input new data quickly by creating and using templates with predefined settings and values

Learn more about Notifications

Subscribe users to get popup and email notifications of any data changes they should be aware of

Learn more about Reminders

Set pop-up, email, and sound reminders to alert users before, at or after particular date and time

Learn more about Files

Access your business documentation from a single view to easily open, edit and save any file.

Learn more about Spell-Checker

Avoid mistakes in any text fields with help of spell-checker and your native language dictionary

Learn more about Archive Mode

Archive Mode
Archive outdated data manually or automatically to keep it for reporting or analytics purpose only

Analytics & Reporting Features

CentriQS includes a rich set of analytics and reporting features to handle even the most demanding business intelligence requirements. These software features make it easy to analyze growing data volumes, streamline processes and make better business decisions. CentriQS can help you focus on day-to-day operational details and at the same time not lose the "big picture".

Learn more about Reports

Create report templates and generate beautiful and informative reports on any business information

Learn more about Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables
Build Pivot tables to summarize and analyze large data sets, make comparisons, discover trends

Learn more about History Log

History Log
See the history log of changes and comments made by users to know "who did what when and why"

Learn more about Dashboards

Capture specific data from multiple views displayed in a single dashboard for getting the "big picture"

Learn more about Analytical Charts

Analytical Charts
Visualize analytical data using various types of charts for effective reporting and decision making

Learn more about Printing & Exporting

Printing & Exporting
Print out any views, charts, dashboards and reports or export data to the most popular file formats

Data Security Features

CentriQS provides comprehensive features for protecting your business information from unwanted actions of unauthorized users. Data security features help you manage multiple users with unique access rights and rest assured that your corporate data is safe. CentriQS offers a flexible, scalable and centrally-managed solution which lowers the cost sensitive data protection.

Learn more about Access Permissions

Access Permissions
Set permission rules to restrict users' rights to 'read' or 'write' certain data under certain conditions

Learn more about Active Directory Synchronization

Active Directory Synchronization
Use scalable Active Directory for adding domain users and providing secure user authentication

Learn more about Data Encryption

Data Encryption (coming soon!)
Benefit from built-in data encryption system that protects your data from unauthorized access

Learn more about Database Backup

Database Backup
Schedule automatic database backups or perform manual backup/restore operations in a few clicks

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